More Praise for Farmer’s Markets

Those who have read my blog in the past (all three of you :-) ) know how much I love Farmer’s Markets for the many benefits they bring to the people who shop there, the farmers who vend there and the community in which they are held. Yesterday I had quite a magical experience at the Pawtucket Farmer’s Market.
The Pawtucket Market is huge. Close to 2000 people walk through this market from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. every Sunday. People from all walks of life, all levels of income and literally, from all of the country and world as it is THE spot to bring people visiting from another state or country to showcase what produce and farm products the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts community has to offer.
Yesterday was no exception. A busy market day and as I looked down the corridor at the crowd I thought I was looking at a scene from a National Geographic special. Several Tibetans, dressed in their native dress, were being led through the market on a tour by their sponsor. All I could think of was Sherpas and the Himalayan mountains. They stopped at our booth and I had a chance to speak to their sponsor and learned a little bit about these visitors.
They were actually refugees, Buddhists, fleeing their country and persecution by the Chinese government. They spoke no English and we conversed through their sponsor and I asked them if they were enjoying the market and if they had ever had a cranberry? Well, you know there isn’t even a word for cranberry in their language! To see the expression on their faces as they tasted their first ever cranberries was priceless. Smiles, laughs and handshakes followed proving that when you bring people and food together it generally results in a good time and it was quite an honor for me to introduce them to our native berry, the cranberry.
While I can’t get political and go on about the plight of these Tibetans on this blog, suffice it to say that I admire their courage tremendously. I wish them luck in their new home and I hope their family and friends in their country find peace, soon.


  1. Danielle says:

    I bought a bad of your pomegranate cranberries this past weekend at the farmers market. I’ll be back next week for another bag. Delicious!!! :)

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