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Bonnie’s First Blog Post!   Well, we’ve had the application on the website for quite some time, “Bonnie’s Blog” but Bonnie has not quite known how to start. She’s just going to begin.

I’ve had the experience of a lifetime since I began writing the book, “Rubies in the Sand; Recipes from the Cape Cod Cranberry Bogs”. I’ve had a nice journey so far to Cranberry Company Boardrooms, main streets and tourist attractions on Cape Cod and Farm Museums and bookstores from here to Cooperstown, New York. I’ve literally walked up and down every town on the Cape, book in hand, asking the question I always asked, “I was wondering if you’d like to sell my book in your store?” AND PEOPLE WERE ALWAYS NICE…(well, there was that one man in Wellfleet that wasn’t so nice, but hey, maybe he was having a bad day and one person out of the hundreds I met this summer is a pretty good statistic).

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