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  • Picture of Sweetened Dried Cranberries

    Sweetened Dried Cranberries

    Dried cranberries appeal to today's health, nutrition and quality conscious consumer. They are naturally fat free and contain no preservatives or sulfites. GOĽ
  • Picture of Fresh Cranberries

    Fresh Cranberries

    Delicious fresh cranberries are only available during the harvest season, which begins in late September and runs until supplies are gone. GOĽ
  • Picture of Frozen Cranberries

    frozen cranberries

    Bulk frozen cranberries come from late harvest fruit. These berries are cleaned, packed, and flash frozen. Suitable for juice, jam, sauces, or concentrate. GOĽ
Picture of Rubies in the Sand Cookbook

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Rubies in the Sand Cookbook

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Why wait for the holidays to enjoy the delight of the native cranberry? Cranberry Sauce with Barbeque Chicken on a hot summer day...Why not? The glory of our native cranberry is its adaptablity into any regional cuisine.

Rubies in the Sand is a compilation of over 200 recipes dedicated to this beautiful jewel of the sandy bogs. From a wide variety of cranberry sauces to an out of the ordinary recipe like Cranberry Lavendar Torte, Rubies in the Sand redifines the cranberry and showcases its versatility.

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