Fairland Farms Operations

by Richard Suls | April 18, 2016 7:59 pm

Fairland Farm LLC were formed to become stewards of a continuing agricultural history of Southeastern Massachusetts. Numerous communities of this culturally important area are impacted by the use of Best Management Practices which Fairland Farms prides itself on. Some of the bogs that have been placed in our care existed prior to the Civil War. Not only are we mindful of the benefits to the food industry from the growing of cranberries but we are daily reminded that the surrounding support land, whether it be upland or lowland, is a significant resource for the various plants and animals that exist within our borders. Working in conjunction with a town’s Conservation Commission and having an approved USDA Farm Plan helps to establish the agricultural viability and vitality.

Fairland Farm LLC grow and harvest various types of berries and supply both the fresh fruit marketplace through a dry picking method but also serve all other cranberry interests with wet harvesting.

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